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Ladder Standards

Boston Access offers a full range of Galvanised Steel ladders for the scaffolding market as well as other Industrial Applications.

The Boston Access ladders are fitted with non-slip, angled rungs all our ladders are tested to BS EN131 and carry the BSI Kitemark of our supplier.

LG3000Galvanised steel ladder - 3m (10')

1011.5 KG
LG3500Galvanised steel ladder - 3.5m (11' 6'')

1113.0 KG
LG4000Galvanised steel ladder - 4m (13')

1314.5 KG
LG5000Galvanised steel ladder - 5m (16')

1618.0 KG
LG5500Galvanised steel ladder - 5.5m (18')

1822.0 KG
LG6000Galvanised steel ladder - 6m (20')

2026.0 KG
LG7000Galvanised steel ladder - 7m (23')

2330.0 KG
LG8000Galvanised steel ladder - 8m (26’)

2635.5 KG


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