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Scaffold Boards and Battens

Boston Access is Ireland’s principal produces of Scaffolding timber. Our product is considered Ireland”s premier scaffold board and battens.
Boston Access timber scaffold boards and battens are graded to BS2482:2009 by our team of qualified; BM Trada trained graders on site in our depot in Naas. Each board has the BM Trada Q mark and our unique Licence number 2904.
BM Trada is one of the most respected certification bodies for timber grading in Europe. Boston Access has a long affiliation with BM Trada and we have used them as our third party accreditation body for many years.
All timber supplied by Boston Access comes from mills based in central Europe. It is a well-known fact that timber from this region is the best for scaffold boards and battens because of its rate of growth and density.
All timber used comes from 100% sustainable sources.

Manufacturing Board Standards

38mm x 225xx British Standard 1.2mm Support Scaffold Board

63mm x 225mm British Standard 2.5m Support Scaffold Battens


Boston Access visually grades all of its 38mm x 225mm scaffold boards. These boards can be used with Tube & Fittings or Cuplock. The can also be used on trestles but must be supported every 1.2m.

Boston Access sticks the following lengths. Other lengths will be cut on request;

Sizing Information

13' Scaffold Board38 mm255 mm3.9 m18.15 KG
10' Scaffold Board38 mm255 mm3 m13.96 KG
8' Scaffold Board38 mm255 mm2.4 m11.17KG
7' Scaffold Board

38 mm255 mm2.1 m9.77 KG
6' Scaffold Board

38 mm255 mm1.8 m8.38 KG
5' Scaffold Board

38 mm255 mm1.5 m6.98 KG
4' Scaffold Board

38 mm255 mm 1.2 m5358 KG
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