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Kwickstage & Culpock Battens

Faster, Tougher, Safer

Kwickstage scaffolding is the most common scaffold system used today in Ireland. It’s one of the safest systems available and comprises of a variety of parts. These include ledgers, transoms, standards and base plates. The system is simple, sturdy, easy to assemble, flexible, user friendly and easy to take down.

8' Batten

63 mm255 mm2.419 m18.66 KG
6' Batten

63 mm255 mm1.81 m13.97 KG
4'2'' Batten

63 mm255 mm1.249 m9.64 KG
2'8'' Battens

63 mm255 mm.67 m5.17 KG
Culpock Battens
2.5m Batten
63 mm255 mm2.45 m18.90 KG
1.8m Batten

63 mm255 mm1.75 m13.50 KG
1.3m Batten

63 mm255 mm1.25 m9.64 KG
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